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Quality & Reliability in Orthodontics – Support for Spain

An orthodontic specialist is a specialised dentist who understands that orthodontics has its

risks and benefits and that these must be delivered clearly to patients. Orthodontics is a

niche speciality in many countries because of its complexities that take 3-4 years to learn

after obtaining a dental degree.

The further training to become a specialist orthodontist is not just a structural measure

supported by public authorities to ensure the qualification of dentists. The approval of

orthodontic specialist also offers patients a safe and reliable point of orientation in their

search for a specialised practitioner.

The current discussion in Spain on the recruitment of non-specialist physicians may be

understandable against the background of ensuring basic medical care. However, it must

also be taken into account that the citizens of Spain have a right to reliable and quality-

assured specialist care also in the field of orthodontics.

EFOSA appeals to the government of Spain to abandon their opposition to the introduction

of the orthodontic specialist.

EFOSA Council on November 23rd,2022


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