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EFOSA Urges the Straumann Group to Place Treatment of Patients Entirely in Specialists Hands (Press)

During the General Assembly of the European Federation of Orthodontic specialists

Associations (EFOSA) in Limassol, Cyprus the delegates unanimously endorsed the Joint

Declaration on the remote treatment of malocclusions. In that declaration 31 dental and

orthodontic organisations stated the minimum standards required for an orthodontic

treatment that is safe for the patient.

Furthermore the General Assembly unanimously passed a resolution on the Acquisition of

the Do-it-yourself-Orthodontic-Companies DrSmile® and PlusDental® by the Straumann®


“With the acquisition of DrSmile® and PlusDental®, the Straumann® Group is

responsible for the orthodontic treatment of many thousands of patients in

Europe. In November 2021, dental and orthodontic organisations from 25 European

countries, concerned for the safety of their patients, drew attention to the

minimum standards that are not regularly met by direct-to-customer models such

as those of DrSmile® and PlusDental®.

The Straumann® Group is proud of its deep roots in the legendary Swiss tradition

of premium quality, and rightly so. If the Straumann® Group sticks with the

treatment concepts of DrSmile® and PlusDental®, it would break with this


The orthodontists of Europe therefore urge the Straumann® Group, to take

responsibility for patients and to place the treatment of patients entirely in the

hands of specialized orthodontists.”

“As specialized orthodontists”, EFOSA President Melissa Disse said, “we won’t cease to stand up for the safety and security of our patients undergoing orthodontic treatments. Movement of teeth is not safe for patients, without a thorough clinical examination, X-rays and regular clinical monitoring.

Time will tell if Straumann® lives up to the expectations of orthodontists and patients.”

EFOSA Council on May 31st ,2022


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EFOSA represents, as an umbrella organisation, all the national societies of Professional Orthodontist Associations in Europe.

Press Contacts:

• Representatives of the national EFOSA-Members (EFOSA - European Federation of Orthodontic Specialists Associations)

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