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AAO: Myths vs Facts of DIY

It sounds almost too good to be true: the convenience of orthodontic treatment without ever having to leave your homeor seeing an orthodontist or dentist in person (meaning no office visits); and, it sounds considerably cheaper than

in-person orthodontic treatment. What’s not to like?

Just straightening a few of the teeth—the front teeth that are visible when you smile—is simple; itis basically a cosmetic procedure, much like tooth whitening.

Moving teeth is a complex biological process, far from merely a “cosmetic” procedure. Moving evenjust the front teeth can have profound negative consequences on oral function and health.

While the advertisements and social media posts may make mail-order orthodontic treatment sound tempting,there is more to the story. Before you consider orthodontic treatment from a “direct-to-consumer” or mail-order company, you should be aware of some important facts...

Take a read of American Association of Orthodontist's full article below.

AAO DIY Orthodontic Treatment Myths vs Facts
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