About Us

EFOSA represents, as an umbrella organisation, all the national societies of Professional Orthodontist Associations in Europe and helps within Europe to defend the specialty of orthodontics in the largest possible meaning.

EFOSA is represented by its member societies in an elected Council. The council has in general 2 meetings a year.

The current president of EFOSA is Julian O'Neill. There is a strong link with the European Orthodontic Society. The President of EFOSA is a Co-opted Member of the EOS Council while a member of the EOS Council serves as a Co-opted Member of the EFOSA Council.

Tasks and Responsibilities

EOS: The European Orthodontic Society (1907)

  • 1. Promoting teaching, education and research in Orthodontics
  • 2. Stimulating the interaction among European Orthodontists
  • 3. Spreading scientific and clinical information by:
         3.1 The organisation of an annual meeting (EOS Congress)
         3.2 Publication of a Scientific Journal (EJO)
  • 4. Providing grants, scholarships and awards
  • 5. Providing a forum for European postgraduate students in Orthodontics
  • 6. The organisation of the European Board of Orthodontics (EBO)

EFOSA: The European Federation of Orthodontic Specialists Associations (1976)

  1. Playing an active role in realising the recognition of the Speciality of Orthodontics and the establishing of a specialists register in all European Union (EU) countries
  2. Promoting the quality of care provided by orthodontic specialists within the EU
  3. Promoting a high level of training of orthodontic specialists within the EU
  4. Encouraging the evaluation of universities and other officially recognized institutions for the training of orthodontic specialists within the EU
  5. Presenting the interest of orthodontic specialists within the EU to the EU authorities and providing statements on political issues and economic matters. Act in the same way upon the request of a national association of orthodontic specialists in the country concerned.

FEO: Federatio Europea Orthodontica (1992); Federation of National Orthodontic Scientific Societies of Europe

  1. Improving understanding and co-operation between the constituent scientific societies in Europe
  2. Harmonising meeting programs ands sharing publications between constituent scientific societies
  3. Encouraging research and education in orthodontics i.e. by providing scholarships, grants and awards
  4. Supporting and promoting national congresses of constituent scientific societies and sponsoring each year a FEO Lecturer for one national congress
  5. Providing a FEO Award for the best paper published in a scientific journal of a constituent scientific society